Sigh. My wordpress blog apparently got hacked, my host shut it down, so I’ve spent the last few days converting this blog to a Jekyll site hosted on github pages. I really can’t recommend wordpress to anyone anymore, given the massive botnets that are attacking every wordpress site out there right now. For non-technical folks or lazy technical people who don’t want to have to spend time keeping up with updates or fighting off attacks, it’s just not a viable solution.

So here we are. I still have a lot of work to do… the links between posts are all broken, I had some google juice on some of the posts at least, so it’d be nice if links to my old posts still redirected. I haven’t decided whether to add commenting via disqus or similar– I like hearing that my posts have helped people, but do I really need them? They’re really just another avenue for spam. I’m also not wild about this theme, it’s nice enough, but it’s just not really me (but I also don’t have the time/talent to make something I like better).

Oh, and it’s a good thing I’m not very prolific because I ended up converting my posts by hand. I had a sql dump file, not a wordpress xml export, and apparently the jekyll-import gem only supports connecting to a database or importing from the wp xml file. And I had enough problems just getting the jekyll import process to tell me that that I didn’t exactly have much confidence that the import process was going to go well anyway.

Technology sucks. Everything’s broken.