me and my MBA Complete with RMU sticker!

Yep, I did it. After much agonizing and wrestling with my identity, I bought a 13” Macbook Air. It was mostly because I have started a new job at Careerimp (doing Rails dev for our web app at which deploying Rails on Windows is not a concern as it was at my last job.

I still have my Windows 7 netbook, and I’m still planning on doing Rails dev on it occasionally. I’m actually really excited to be able to quickly verify whether something is a Windows issue or a personal problem by being able to try something out on both.

Rest assured that while this blog has been quiet lately, it will not go dark! Why just a few minutes ago, I was able to get “[BUG] rb_gc_mark(): unknown data type 0x3a(0x108e5eb20) corrupted object” on OSX using ruby 1.8.7! And while I’m enjoying how much faster and smoother working with Ruby on OSX is, I’d still like to help make the Ruby experience on Windows just as nice so that I don’t have to be a Windows person or a Mac person or a Linux person, just a Ruby person :D