Yesterday I was working with some scenarios having to do with file upload, and I thought they were failing because of something I was doing in the code, but they were not failing for my colleague on a mac (you don’t have to tell me what the obvious solution to this is, I know).

When I used the attach_file method in capybara with the selenium driver, the file input field would get filled in, but nothing would get submitted– there just wouldn’t be anything for the file parameter in the logs. What’s weird is that file upload worked just fine if I did it manually.

I checked out the capybara code and ran the gem’s specs on my machine, and sure enough, the specs testing attach_file with selenium failed for me as well.

The issue seems to be with the direction of the slashes in the paths. When I used attach_file, the paths would look like:


While doing it manually through the browser gave me paths that looked like:


So if I changed my step definition in features/step_definitions/web_steps.rb for attaching a file to be:

When /^(?:|I )attach the file "([^\"]*)" to "([^\"]*)"(?: within "([^\"]*)")?$/ do |filename, field, selector|
  with_scope(selector) do
    filepath = File.join(RAILS_ROOT, 'features', 'upload_files', filename)
    if filepath.match(/^C:\//)
      filepath.gsub!(/\//, "\\")
    attach_file(field, filepath)

then my cucumber scenarios worked as expected.

I’ve posted to the capybara mailing list to see if anyone knows where this problem is originating (and where a patch should be made) and if this is a good solution or if it’s just getting around a more fundamental problem. Anyone reading this have any ideas?